We sincerely welcome your visit to the College of Human Ecology at Hanyang University.

The College of Human Ecology, previously a part of the College of Education composed of the Department of Clothing, Department of Home Education, and Department of Food and Nutrition in 1967, became an independent college as the College of Domestic Subjects Training in 1982. In 1997, the title of the college has changed into the College of Human Ecology, comprised of the Department of Clothing, Department of Food and Nutrition, and Department of Interior Architecture Design.

The College of Human Ecology will make continuous efforts to solve the problems related to the rapidly changing living environment with technical and democratic changes. Human ecology is a study to develop our lives better so that we can adapt to the changes in the environment that we live in. In order to meet these demands, the College of Human Ecology aims to research the interaction between individuals and society, and to cultivate creative and challenging global leaders with Clothing, Food and Nutrition, and Interior Architecture Design backgrounds.

In the College of Human Ecology, about 20 full-time professors and 50 adjunct professors are always the best in education and research to cultivate about 600 undergraduate students and 200 master and doctoral students into creative talents who contribute to social development.

The objectives of education have been to globalize students’ abilities through practical education, including theory in parallel with experiment practice of each department and providing various programs such as fostering creative talents, exchange student, global training, and global internship. In furtherance of this goal, the College of Human Ecology offers systematic instruction and positive learning environments to students for performing a lot of activities with various visions.

Students develop their academic skills gained from the College of Human Ecology through the academic conference, graduation exhibition and fashion show, and so forth. Alumni have contributed to the society getting credit for their ability as researchers who are engaged in specialized in-depth domestic and international research and as leaders in industrial positions.

If you are interested in preparing for a career in human ecology and wish for a high-quality education in an excellent environment, you have found it. Once again, I want to heartily welcome you to visit the College of Human Ecology homepage.


Dean, College of Human Ecology

Hyeon Gyu Lee

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